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"Stacks of information, top tips, problems and solutions make this book a joy to read.." 10/10

"The Producer’s Manual is the follow-up book to the excellent Secrets of House Music Production, which received a glowing review back in Issue 84. This time round, Sample Magic have teamed up with veteran music writer Paul White, whose numerous books and articles for Sound On Sound have helped thousands of producers and engineers over the years. Whereas the previous book focused squarely on production techniques for various forms of house music, here we see a much broader approach that takes in a wide range of studio engineering tips and tricks. The bulk of the 327 pages comes in the form of sections on recording and mixing, with additional chapters covering recording history, classic kit, studio tools, microphones, acoustics and a glossary and index. Although some may be tempted to skip the initial chapters, they’re jam-packed with information and offer an excellent grounding in…

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"A reference manual to dip into for anyone from the lowliest aspiring amateur to the seasoned pro."

"The Producer's Manual is a full-colour glossy book that intersperses photos, highly informative diagrams and Paul’s advice very neatly and clearly – the kind of thing that first-time producers would do well to read cover to cover, but also a reference manual to dip into for anyone from the lowliest aspiring amateur to the seasoned pro. That’s not an exaggeration either – some of the tips in this book will be surprising and helpful revelations to even veterans of the (analogue or digital) circuit.

Everything is ordered in a readable and sensible way – the initial chapter on the history of recording gives us some grounding in what we’re trying to achieve and what others have achieved, and is worth a read generally to anyone who wants to apply true context to their own endeavours.

Then we look into ‘classic kit’, and while this is half an exercise in drooling and day dreaming, it’s also a…


"If you can't make a decent sounding recording after reading this, the problem is with you, not the book. Highly recommended! [10/10]"

"Last year when I reviewed Sample Magic's first book release, Secrets of House Production, I was excited to see what their next effort would bring. At last we have our answer in the form of The Producers Manual, penned by Sound On Sound's Paul White.

Music production can seem like an impossibly complex world to those trying to get started. As technology advances and production styles and tools change, it only becomes more complex. The tools make things easier, but there are more tools to learn than ever before. There are some tried and true books on recording and production out there, but it's been a while since something truly noteworthy and comprehensive has been released, especially to cover the ways in which music production has evolved. That's where the Producer's Manual comes in.

Weighing in at well over 300 pages, this book is about as comprehensive as they come. Learn what the…

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"It really caters to the home, bedroom, and project studio folks as well, but is useful for professional studio producers and engineers as well. Bottom line is, get the book, period. 5/5"

"The Producer’s Manual is a huge 350+ page book written by Paul White, editor at Sound On Sound. The book aims to cover all aspects of mixing, recording, and even mastering your music. It covers everything from the history of recording, to mics, to all the common types of fx processors and more. You get information about studio acoustics, various settings on compressors, filters, eq, limiters, reverbs and all that. He shows step by step instructions on setting up various things like parallel compression, parallel dynamics, proper mic distance for vocals, how to record guitar, acoustic instruments, bands…man…it’s a ton of stuff!

Thoughts on the book?

I really love this book. Not only is it a joy to look at thanks to it has an awesome design and layout, but it’s also easy to read/digest. The information is organized in a way that makes it easy to grab what you need. Small paragraphs, lots…

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"The book was a pleasure to read mainly because the author’s passion and enthusiasm for music shines through. [5/5]"

"The Producer’s Manual is a definitive guide to recording and mixing in the project studio.

Sample Magic, who have published the book, is the world’s leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples to music producers across a range of genres, from house and electro to disco, so they should know a thing or two about the best recording and mixing techniques in the studio. The book’s author Paul White, editor of Sound on Sound magazine, certainly does.

Many music handbooks out there are published in black and white, containing reams and reams of text with the odd black and white diagram and picture of recording equipment if you’re lucky. The Producer’s Manual uses full-colour images and diagrams brilliantly to illustrate a point and to bring ideas to life, which really helps engage the reader.

The book can be used as a reference tool whether you are an aspiring producer, somebody more…

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